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A Bold Statement That Comes With A Commitment Of Excellence

Hello, I’m Clint Butler and I am the owner of Central87.com.

I really would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to serve your concert tickets needs.

Not only do I offer concert tickets, I also offer some of the best sports, events, theater, and Vegas show tickets available from all around the world.

Here is my commitment to you.

I will always connect you with the shows that your looking for, when your looking for them, at the best possible price.  I committed to maintaining a positive experience for you at all times to ensure that you will consistently consider Central87.com your source for concert and event tickets well into the future.

How Do I Get Your Concert Tickets?

Here is how this website works.

First I start my search far and wide to find the most popular shows and events that are happening or coming up.

Then I work with ticket providers to try to find the best possible prices for the events that your looking for.

I then list them here on Central87.com and make it easy for you to search for what you need, when you need it.

Does Using Your Service Cost Me More Money for Event Tickets?

Absolutely, positively not!

The company’s that have these tickets need help with their marketing.  They can’t be everywhere and if they don’t market with the biggest reach as possible then end up with tickets they can’t sell.  Then they are out of business.

My providers are there and I am simply connecting YOU with THEM to ensure you both are happy.  In return the ticket seller gives me a commission.

Pretty Cool Right!?!

I Don’t See the Tickets to the Show I Want

The fact of the matter is that I could have created a site based off of some code that automatically put a few thousand tickets at your fingertips.  I wouldn’t have been hard to do and probably would not have cost me all that much money.

The truth is however, then I don’t feel I would be able to keep my promise of customer service excellence doing that.

So as I go I will be adding hundreds more sporting event tickets and others over time.

Here is what you can do if you don’t initially see what your looking for and have some time before your show.

Click on the Contact Us page and send me an email through there letting me know what exactly your looking for.

I will put priority on finding YOUR tickets before I do anything else.  Plus this will also allow me to know which shows to add for other visitors as well.

Together I know we can make this site great for years to come!