Jay-Z & Beyonce Tickets – On The Run Tour

Jay-Z Beyonce Tickets
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Nobody Better In The Business Than Jay-Z & Beyonce

When either one of these two put out a new album your know there are going to be a few number one hits making the charts very quickly.  So when you put the two of them together, Jay-Z & Beyonce are unstoppable.  Something that are most definitely proving to be true with their On The Run Tour.

Whether you like the Hip Hop or R & B, Jay-Z & Beyonce are proving that their marketing savvy is matched only by the creativeness of the songs they perform together.  No doubt in the cities that they are schedule to perform, getting Jay-Z and Beyonce tickets are going to be a little hard unless you know exactly where to go.

Of course we here at Central87.com have you covered!

Jay-Z and Beyonce On The Run Tour Song List

To be 100 percent transparent here were are only guessing as to the list of songs that are going to be played on their tour.  After all this power couple has shown that they do what they want, when they want to do it so things can change during the show.

Which adds to the excitement of these two wonderful performers.

Here is the On The Run Tour song list that we would like to see:

“03 Bonnie and Clyde” – off Jay Z’s “The Blueprint 2 (2002)”

“Hollywood” – off Jay Z’s “Kingdom Come (2006)”

“Lift Off” – off “Watch the Throne (2011)”

“Part II (On the Run)” – off “Magna Carta Holy Grail (2013)”

“Tom Ford” – off “Magna Carta Holy Grail (2013)”

“Crazy in Love” – off “Dangerously in Love (2003)”

“That’s How You Like It” – off “Dangerously in Love (2003)”

“Deja Vu” – off “B’Day (2006)”

“Upgrade U” – off “B’Day (2006)”

“Drunk in Love” – off “Beyonce (2013)”

(Applause, applause, applause – fans scream ‘Encore, encore, encore’ Then, Jay and Bey walk back out on the stage and …)


“Encore” by Jay Z, with Beyonce on the vocals (Crowd goes nuts!!!)

“Glory” by Jay Z, with daughter Blue Ivy on the track and Beyonce again handling some lyrics.

Leave a comment:  Which songs would you like to hear them perform?

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